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We are so excited to bring back dance as an offering at Jubilee. Our new dance program will launch in January 2021 at our new location! 

Welcome to Jubilee’s dance program where teaching the art of dance in a positive and structured environment is our goal.  We believe in the importance of focusing on technique and proper form while teaching the concepts of movement with discipline and positive reinforcement.  These factors encourage hard work, positive self-image, and a love of dance- all while having fun! Let’s dance!

Styles of Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Creative Movement 

Ballet – The basis and foundation of all dance forms.  Strong emphasis on technique and classical style, along with flexibility and strength building.

Jazz – A style of dance with a strong, sharp movement, utilizing up-tempo music.  Proper technique, flexibility, and strength building will be emphasized.

Contemporary/Lyrical –  A modern based style of dance utilizing music to tell stories.  Strong emphasis on technique, control, and emotional storytelling. 

Creative Movement – Emphasizes natural movement, free expression, and learning to participate in a group. Increasing flexibility, developing control, and working on coordination.

Dance Classes and Tuition 

  • Ballet / Creative Movement (ages 3-4):  45 Min Class per Week  / $65 Month
  • Ballet / Jazz (ages 5-6):  55 Min Class per Week  / $70 Month

  • Ballet / Jazz (ages 7-8):  55 Min Class per Week  / $70 Month

  • Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary (ages 9-10):  55 Min Class per Week  / $70 Month

  • Jazz / Contemporary / Lyrical (ages 11+):  55 Min Class per Week  / $70 Mont

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